"The greatest tragedy in life is not death,
but a life without a purpose." ― Myles Munroe

Spring Edition: Breaking the Barriers

Cover: State Rep. Brandon L. McGee, Jr.

Assistant Majority Leader - Connecticut State Assembly
Board of Directors of the Citadel of Love Church - Hartfort, CT

Featured Articles

  • Mar 26th 2015

         Some artists are sprinkled with musical talent and others seemed to have been saturated. Divinity Music Group Recording Artist Damion Murrill clearly is dripping with the oil of God when it comes to the gift of music. Blessed with the ability to play, sing, write and produce, he is a quadruple threat.

  • Mar 26th 2015

    Christopher Coleman is a young man on assignment.  Not only is he a singer, minister of the Gospel, and entrepreneur. He is a community organizer whose purpose and passion is to leave his community better than he found it.  Christopher is noted for his quips and iron-sharpening ideas. The impact of these gifts has influenced companies and community organizations in how they do business. Coleman is a graduate of Clarksdale High School and marketing student at University of Phoenix.  He is the owner of ‘I Think For You Consulting,’ LLC.

  • Mar 26th 2015

    Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Lamar was active in the church and musically gifted from an early age. He began playing the piano in his home church from the age of eight, and by age fifteen, he became the music director of another church. After graduating from high school he felt a call to music and studied music at the Jordan Music College at Butler University in Indianapolis.

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