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Dr. Christopher Emdin | Educations' New Ambassador by Brian Thompson

Award-winning educator, speaker, teacher and author of “For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood….And the Rest of Y’all Too,” Dr. Christopher Emdin describes himself as “a bevy of things” – among them a person who is constantly in search of the definition of who he is.
“I don’t think that we can have a closed definition of who we are because we are ever evolving,” Emdin said. “I think when we start to see ourselves as a defined person that we stop growing and we stop evolving and that’s detrimental.”

5 Deposits to Make In Your Relationship by Kenny Pugh

I’d like to call attention to something so many people forget while in relationships and marriages. Relationships and marriages are ongoing engagements that require ongoing deposits from equally vested individuals. I know that may sound elementary, but if we assess the landscape of what’s taking place in today’s relationships, we’d notice a significant number of people who don’t understand this fundamental concept. There would be fewer arguments if people took a position of making more deposits into their relationships through connecting, operating selflessly and understanding the ‘we’ versus ‘me’ approach to relationships. In order for us to make withdrawals, we must continue making deposits…TOGETHER!


The Means to an End By Caryl R. West, MBA

One of my favorite movies is the movie entitled Rudy.  Rudy was about a high school student that desperately wanted to play football at the University of Notre Dame.  Unfortunately, Rudy did not have the money or the grades to qualify for a scholarship. In addition, Rudy lost his best friend in a car accident. He also had a learning disability, dyslexia, which made the pursuit of his dream difficult.  However, Rudy did not allow any of his challenges to hinder him from pursuing his dream.  Rudy applied to Notre Dame, but he was initially denied.  After several attempts, Rudy was finally admitted into the University of Notre Dame.  Not only did he make it into Notre Dame, but he eventually became a part of their football team. 

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