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Ask A Woman (3)

Should we just stay together for the sake of our kids? by Lynne C. Parker


You said:My wife and I want to end our relationship but should we just stay together for the sake of our kids?

Response: Staying together for the sake of the children is never the best resolve when your marriage relationship is fractured. Believe me; children are very wise and observant. They know when the relationship between their parents is strained and unnatural. Playing martyr “for the sake of the children” is a lazy way out that keeps you in the house but, it also keeps you miserable.


It Makes You Late for Your Later by Lynne C. Parker

You Said: My boys complain that I’m always late and never finish what I start. It shouldn’t cause a problem if I’m a few minutes late or complete a project later when I have more time. How is this a real issue?

Response: They complain because they see you maximizing at better than your current best. When you are late, you miss things. Staying in a state of incompletion for something prevents you from moving on to your next thing. It’s more your issue than theirs because…

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