Beyond The Passion: What It Takes To Achieve Success In Business | Book Review by Cyrus Webb

Victor Kwegyir reminds us of the reality BEYOND THE PASSION in new book

When I first heard that author Victor Kwegyir was writing a book that dealt with passion, I was really excited. When I saw the book was entitled BEYOND THE PASSION, I was intrigued. Passion is something I have talked about a lot on my various platforms. I have referred to it often when talking about my path, but I had come to know that just having a passion wasn't enough---and that is exactly what Victor shares in his book.

Beyond Passion Book CoverBEYOND THE PASSION helps you to remember that having a desire or drive to do something is great. It's a start. But what about your plan? Is  it the right time and are you in the right area to make it happen and succeed? These are the kinds of questions you are asked to consider, and he gives you not just his own analysis on the subject but those of others who have been able to see these principles work in their lives and businesses. This is NOT a book saying it's not good to have a vision for yourself. It is a book that helps you to be realistic and practical, while taking the steps necessary to advance your goals and dreams into something tangible.

If you want to know what it might take to get you started or to jumpstart things where you are, then this is a book you should look to as a guide.

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