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 Revised Winter Covers2

     The winter issue of Brotha Magazine features our choices for "Man of the Year and "Artist of the Year".  Both mean are expectional men on their chosen paths.  Dr. Chris Emdin is a noted educator, speaker, author, and motivator. He is a professor at Columbia University where he educates the future educators. Sean C Johnson is a artist whose skill as a lyricist is matched by is skill as an vocalist.  Both men give educates in differents ways, but the passion of what they do is evident by the books, articles, singles, albums, they create for the reader or listener.    
   This month we look at author's Don Tate (Poet: The Remarkable Life of George Moses Horton) and Lamar Giles (Endangered). Both of brotha's released acclaimed works writtern for children and young adult readers.
   We also have other articles such as "The Means to an End" with Caryl R. West, MBA, "5 Deposits to Make in Your Relationship", "The Male Biological Clock" both  by Kenny Pugh, our "Ask a Woman" article by Lynne C. Parker and so much more. 
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