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The Prospects for Buddy Hield in the NBA by Mike Patton

The Oklahoma Sooners were a team that some thought could make it happen. They returned great guard play and were solid in the post. And when the season started, the Sooners were rolling. They even got as high as number one in the country. But they eventually fell back to earth in the Big 12 conference. They regained their footing as the conference tournament approached and caught fire in the NCAA Tournament.


“It’s All in HOW You Go Through!” by Romel Gibson

Last week was a very trying week for me.  This week hasn’t started so well either.  I would never use the phrase “everything that could go wrong did go wrong” because it is my belief that if I’m alive to make that statement, it’s not a true statement at all.  Everything that could go wrong did not go wrong.  However, there were a few things that I deem to be necessary for me to fulfill my everyday obligations that suddenly stopped working.  Due to those things malfunctioning, I had unexpected expenses to pay. 



We are bounced around in our existence seemingly held captive by centripetal and centrifugal forces indifferent to out plight to survive. We are told that there is a universe. Some scientist argue that it is expanding.  Some scientist argue that the universe is contracting. Therefore, is it safe to say, metaphorically, that the universe could just be breathing? In our existence of inhaling and exhaling we are also caught between amazing instructive contradictions. On the one hand we experience life at the material level via technology. This instructs us that things are moving toward improvement or “getting better.”


How Your Pornography Use Affects Your Wife

I wonder what he was thinking on the ride home that night. Earlier in the day, he received a call from his wife. She was doing some work on the computer and found a bunch of porn sites in the Internet history. “Have you been looking at porn?” she said as her voice cracked. His silence said it all. As she started to cry, she hung up the phone. He tried calling her back, but she texted him saying she was too upset to talk and that they would talk about when he got home.


Can You Be Emotionally Attached to Food? by J. Smith

Remember being a child when you were attached to an item such as teddy bear or a blanket and how it made you feel secure and happy? That feeling is the exact same one that millions of overweight people struggle with on a daily basis to overcome their emotional attachments to food. Can you be emotionally attached to food? Absolutely, and more people are than those who are not and they generally are not even aware that they are which is how and why the weight becomes an issue.

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