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What Not To Say to Your Wife During a Fight

When I was young, like most teenagers, I could be brash and blunt with little wisdom to guide my words. One particular night, I was out with a group of friends (guys and girls) when a female friend and I started to make fun of each other. The verbal jousting quickly got competitive, even heated. Finally, I said something regrettably cutting, hurtful, and humiliating towards her. What I said is unimportant, but immediately after saying it, I wanted to grab it all back. The worst part about it was that before I said it, I thought about it, calculated its impact, and even then, I still said it. I cared more about winning than I did about her at that moment. Thinking about her running out of the room crying still makes my stomach sink.



The Portland Trailblazers starting five was gutted this offseason. They lost the battle for prized free agent LaMarcus Aldridge, who landed with the San Antonio Spurs. Along with Aldridge, forward Nic Batum was traded to Charlotte, center Robin Lopez signed with the New York Knicks and guard Wes Matthews signed a huge contract with the Dallas Mavericks. And along with the starting five being gutted, the Trailblazers lost veteran backup guards Steve Blake (traded to the Brooklyn Nets then ended up with the Detroit Pistons) and Aaron Afflalo (signed with the New York Knicks). All that was left in their starting lineup was point guard Damian Lillard.


Question: With Type 2 Diabetes - Can You Lose Weight Just By Exercising?

Some people wonder if it's possible to lose weight without exercise. It's certainly a doable feat, but there are no reasons why you shouldn't exercise while looking to lose weight. Physical activity of all forms increases your caloric expenditure, which in turn facilitates your weight loss efforts. Besides, there are many health benefits of regular exercise. Ideally, a healthy eating plan and regular physical activity will produce the greatest results.


The Church and the Elephants We Ignore by Romel Gibson

Blended families! Masturbation!  Ethnic Self-Hate!  Racism! Sexism! Having Children out of Wedlock! Mental Illness! 

Although I have no grounds to say that most churches ignore these subjects and subjects as controversial as these because I have not been to, seen, or heard the sermons preached at most churches, the truth of the matter is that in my limited sphere, I have heard complaints from many people who say that their churches skip over many of the subjects that plague its members the most.  In fact, this past weekend, I had three separate conversations with individuals who said they wish the things that were heavy on their minds were discussed in church. 

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