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How exercise can help your weight loss by Darrell Spencer

In terms of successful and long-lasting weight loss, eating healthy is just part of the challenge. Exercise will assist to take you nearer to your objective through both forming muscle and burning calories.

Nevertheless, this is not the single motivation to make working out part of your everyday life. Exercise reduces stress, averts disease, and basically makes you feel healthier.


The “Rest” Is Up To You. by Carl Brister

The “Rest” Is Up To You.

“The Importance of Building “Rest” Into your Exercise Routine

By Carl Brister

Since the days of Adam in the Garden of Eden, men have been told that we are supposed to work.  Adam was given working papers from basically his first days on earth and after the fall he had to work or till the land in order to eat.  So most guys I know have taken this mandate to heart and believe that in order to get results from anything, especially in the gym, we must constantly work.  Far be it from me to differ as I too believe in hard work and giving 100% in all that we do, however, I have come to appreciate hat little line in Genesis 2:2 that says “by the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. “ (NIV)


The Gut Check

Summer is here and fellas, you know what that means…  T-shirts, Tanks, and time for what I call “ The Gut Check”  - a time when we confront the size of the gut we’ve grown over the winter months.  But have no fear gentlemen.  For this article I’m offering a few exercise tips to help put that gut in check so you can be both healthy and ready to wear all the T-shirts & Tanks you’d like this summer.

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