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Yes, Money Grows on Trees! by Paul Wilson, Jr.

It’s very interesting how early experiences as children can shape our thinking and perceptions well into adulthood. This especially relates to money. I’m sure you can clearly remember a time or two when your parents responded to one of your requests for something that you didn’t realize the value of with a resounding, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

And while they surely meant well with their retort, the long-term implications for many is that you still think it’s hard to make money, money in large amounts is only available for a certain groups of people, money is evil, or other unhealthy perspectives. Even if it’s only subconsciously, many Christians have brought these and other mindsets into their relationship with Jesus and thereby operate from an adversarial relationship toward money. And if you have an adversarial relationship with money more than likely you won’t keep very much of it for very long. The truth is the lack of understanding of spiritual principles related to money will lead to a lack of resources.


God’s Purposes at Work in You at Work

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book that will be release this spring “Passion @ Work: 40 Day Devotional Guide to a Prosperous Purpose-Drive Work Life.”

It’s called the “Sunday Night Slog.” You know that period of time between when the glow from the Sunday service has long since worn off and the creeping dread of Monday morning has not yet completely arrived. You get that knot in your stomach, slight throb in your temple, and irritation in your attitude. The weekend is 98% over and the reality of another unfulfilling, frustrating, life-zapping week at your job is about to begin. It’s the precursor to the “Monday Blues.”


Your Harvest is Ready!

A man decides to go to a restaurant that he has been hearing a lot about. When he arrives he hurriedly rushes inside to enjoy the great food everyone else has been experiencing. When he gets inside the ambience immediately begins to have an effect on him. Delicious smells are coming from the kitchen. The continual clanking of forks on plates lets him know many patrons are partaking in a scrumptious feast. And the melodious jazz streaming from concealed speakers sets the perfect atmosphere.

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