Unshakeable Faith by Rickey Teems II (Chapter 5)

“See, a lot of people have it backwards. FAITH, actually comes before prayer.”

At the sound of her name being shouted, Faith jerked back to consciousness from her half sleep. She looked around at several full rows of people actively engaged in Pastor Thompson’s sermon with clapping and cosigning. Others quickly diverted their attention from her when she made eye contact with them. The sanctuary was quaint, several large windows near the ceiling allowed the sunlight to beam in on the two-hundred or so attendees. A group of young boys in pastel colored suits that resembled Tubb’s attire from Miami Vice, occupied the drum set, guitar, and piano near the choir pews behind the pulpit. They couldn’t have been more than fifteen or sixteen years old. Even the term choir was generous given there were only seven members with crimson robes in the seats. Faith directed her focus back to the charismatic man that had posted her bail.

“If you didn’t have at least a teeny tiny bit of faith in God, why would you bother going to him in prayer? Seriously, think about it, if you were trying to get a million dollars from someone, would you go to skid row, or would you go to Wall Street? Sure, there may be some people on skid row that have money, but the logical assumption would be that the guys dealing with the world’s big bucks on Wall Street would be a better source. Well, hopefully, we make that same spiritual assumption when we go to God in prayer. Since He is the creator of our bodies, what better source for physical healing? Since he is love, what better source for marital and family drama? Since his son died for our sins, what better source for forgiveness? Since he knows the very hairs on our head, what better source for understanding our purpose? Since he is omniscient, what better source for trusting our path into the future? And since he controls the streets of gold in heaven to the green on Wall Street, what better source for financial prosperity! What better source for your faith!” Pastor Thompson’s enthusiasm had carried his voice to a slight shout and when he lifted his arms toward the heavens, his shirt was discolored at the arm pits from sweat stains. “Your faith! Your faith! Your faith!”

Faith was uneasy with the people near her yelling and jumping around. The activity only intensified when the band let their musical talents accompany their pastor’s inspirational words. Everyone seemed to be staring directly at her. She pulled the Pastor’s jacket tighter over her shoulders. She understood a part of what he was saying from the times her aunt made her go to youth Sunday school, but God sure didn’t seem to care about prayer or faith on her side of town. Faith started to feel lightheaded, and a metallic taste began to overtake the back of her tongue and roof of her mouth. She was certain she was going to vomit, so she dismissed herself and left fleeing down the side aisle. She felt instant relief from the claustrophobia when the warmth of outside met her face. She opened the jacket and let the air caress her legs and cleavage. She spread her arms and took a deep breath. The parking lot was significantly more packed than earlier, so she looked over the cars to see which direction would suit her walk.

“If you leave now, he wins.”

Faith turned to see a middle-aged woman smoking a cigarette in front of the flower bed on the left side of the church entrance. The stout woman with large dark circles under her eyes, wearing a teal skirt suit took a final drag of her Newport and dropped it into a cylindrical ash tray.

“What? Who are you talking about?” Faith closed the jacket again after being surprised by the woman.

She blew out a gust of smoke. “Since God will never leave us, the only way the devil can win, is by making us quit on God. Because not only do we lose what could be, we lose ourselves in the now. I’m Sister Clara by the way. But everybody calls me Sister C.”

“Well, Sister C, what if the past has us so trapped, we can’t even get to the now?”


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rickeyteems3Rickey Teems II is an acclaimed author, but that probably wasn’t too difficult to figure out since this is, well, a publishing website for books. What you may not have known is that his creativity spans all age groups and he has won awards and received recognition for both his children’s books and fiction novels. Teems obtained both his Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy with honors, and actively works with adolescents in mentoring and counseling programs in South Central Los Angeles. Teems is an Air Force veteran, active church member, and father to two beautiful daughters. 

His award winning and faith filled works for adults include: Regression, The Healing of Love and Laughter, Fighting for Glory, Unshakeable Faith and Can I be Frank. His young adult and children’s books are: Keep it 100: Real Talk on being a Real Man, You Can’t Eat Toes for Breakfast and Why Can’t We See God (book 1 in the Harry and Sherry Discovery Series). To contact Rickey, be sure to visit: www.noguilebooks.com or find him on FaceBook and Twitter and say 'what's up.'

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