Unshakeable Faith by Rickey Teems II (Chapter 6)

“C’mon, baby. It’s just like Treach would say, ‘You down wit’ OPP?’ Now you say it with me, ‘Yeah, you know me!”

Faith wasn’t so adamant about the new hit single from Naughty by Nature. Especially considering Brian seemed to be taking the words well out of context. “There has to be some other way? Why don’t we try to get jobs? Why don’t we just go back to the group homes?”

“I ain’t never going back to that hell, you hear me?” Brian took a long toke from the joint they were sharing, and then passed it to Faith who followed suit. “You only have to do it this one time. We’ll get the money, grab something to eat, and then there’s an old, abandoned house over on 18th Street that we can sleep in.”

 The plan bounced around Faith’s mind like a pinball. It sounded simple enough, except for one simple fact. Brian was the only guy she had ever been with sexually, and now he wanted her to share that intimacy with one of his so called friends. Her leg trembled as she thought about what her mom would say if she were still alive. Her aunt’s voice tormented her conscience as she tried to work up the nerve to satisfy Brian and get it over with. She felt like she was fighting more than just herself by giving in to his request. There was an unexplainable nagging not to give in. Nausea found a home in her stomach, and she quickly turned her back to Brian as puking felt imminent.

“You okay, babe?” He rubbed her back with the type of gentle stroke that made her fall for him everyday. “You love me right?”

Faith was clutching her stomach, so she nodded in agreement.

“Then if you love me, that means you have to trust me,” Brian continued. “You have to trust that I want what’s best for us. You have to trust that sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to if we want to get ahead. But most importantly, you have to trust that I would never let anything happen to you.” He reached around and used his index finger to turn her chin and guide her eyes back to his. “I love you too.”

Faith felt a sense of relief. She had seen Brian with so many girls at school that he always claimed were just friends. It was reassuring to hear the words other than just when they were

having sex. And something about the dark night sky always made his smooth skin look edible. He was like a young MC Hammer. The orange glow at the end of the joint ate away at the white Zig Zag paper as Faith took a long pull. She let the smoke seep out of her mouth, but quickly inhaled through her nostrils.

“Pass me the Twenty-Twenty,” Faith exhaled whatever remaining smoke she had tried to contain.

Brian took a swig and then passed her the flat bottle of grape flavored MD 20/20. “That’s that MAD DOG! Roo Roo!”

Faith took a long drink of the bottles sweet contents and then prepared herself for the bitter aftertaste. She frowned and shook her head as if the taste might fly out. “Let’s go.”

A wide grin spread across Brian’s face revealing his white teeth. He stood from the school yard bench and took Faith by the hand. The stars and moon shed enough light for them to maneuver through the blacktop passed the handball courts and out of a gate where a Ford Bronco was parked on the curb.

“Come on. I’ll introduce you,” Brian led Faith to the open passenger window. “This is her. This is Faith.”

The interior was too dark for Faith to see the man’s face directly, but she could tell he was heavy by his silhouette. He sounded out of breath just introducing himself.

“You got the money?” Brian looking around made Faith uneasy, but when he nodded and smiled at her, she guessed it wasn’t so bad.

“Twenty dollars, right?” The man leaned over and opened the door.

Faith anticipated a light coming on so she could get a better view of her suitor, but the car remained dark. Probably better that way, she thought.

Brian took a balled up bill from the man’s chubby hand and stuffed it in the bright orange pocket of the only pair of Cross Colors jeans he owned. “Ok. Fifteen minutes and that’s it.” He turned to Faith, took her by both hands, and leaned in to her ear. “I’ll be right over at the bench, babe. Not even three seconds away. Ok?”

Faith looked down at the ground. There was a trail of ants crawling hurriedly alongside the curb. She thought about how no matter where you go, they always work together in the same capacity for the preservation of their colony. Did flying ants travel the world and communicate the strategy to other ant hills? How did most species of animals know to function so well together for that matter? Why did humans seem to be the only self-serving creatures on the planet?

“Baby, come on.” Brian rubbed her shoulders. “This is easy money. The easiest way to get money since the beginning of time. Just put it on him like you do to me, only, don’t give him your heart to go with it.”

He ushered Faith into the passenger seat and then closed the door.

“Fifteen minutes.” Brian shouted as he walked off.

Faith tried to keep her eye on Brian, but her curiosity kept poking her to take a glance. She used the shortest angle her peripheral would allow. He was as fat as she thought, and he had his pants unzipped fondling his genitalia. She turned back to the window, ironically, not because the sight of him masturbating turned her off, but because the repulsive odor in the car smelled like onions and wet dog. She felt his hot, sweaty hand cover her entire knee cap, then ease up her leg. She felt a cool breeze on her thigh as he raised her skirt up with his fingers. She tried to remain numb. Give him everything but your heart she continued to remind herself. The popping noise from the automatic door locks being engaged startled her. In the side mirror affixed outside the door, Faith noticed a tear had leaked from the corner of her right eye.

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rickeyteems3Rickey Teems II is an acclaimed author, but that probably wasn’t too difficult to figure out since this is, well, a publishing website for books. What you may not have known is that his creativity spans all age groups and he has won awards and received recognition for both his children’s books and fiction novels. Teems obtained both his Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy with honors, and actively works with adolescents in mentoring and counseling programs in South Central Los Angeles. Teems is an Air Force veteran, active church member, and father to two beautiful daughters. 

His award winning and faith filled works for adults include: Regression, The Healing of Love and Laughter, Fighting for Glory, Unshakeable Faith and Can I be Frank. His young adult and children’s books are: Keep it 100: Real Talk on being a Real Man, You Can’t Eat Toes for Breakfast and Why Can’t We See God (book 1 in the Harry and Sherry Discovery Series). To contact Rickey, be sure to visit: www.noguilebooks.com or find him on FaceBook and Twitter and say 'what's up.'

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