Endangered by Lamar Giles | Book Review by Iris M. Kirkwood (YA Novel)

Lauren Daniels is a junior in high school and kind of a super hero. Well not a super hero but a secret hero for the bullied and teased kids in her high school. Using her skills as a photographer she follows and photographs the bullies doing hurtful or embarrassing things. Then she uplifts them to her anonymous website-The Grey- for all the school to see. Sometimes the exposed activity causes the school administration to take disciplinary action. So everyone who wants to know who The Grey is does not want to thank her. Lauren is biracial and not popular in school. She has one best girlfriend who is also biracial. They share their secrets and understand the others’ high school angst. But Lauren has not shared her secret website The Grey with her bestie.endangered by lamar giles

Then one evening Lauren scores an awesome photograph of the most popular and stuck-up girl in school, fooling around with the gym teacher. The day after posting the pictures she gets home all excited about the uproar to find in her email a picture of her Lauren photographing the gym teacher with the student. Lauren thought she was so careful but someone was standing right behind her and she didn’t see them! This is where the mystery begins and it races from there.

Lauren has gone out of her way to fade into the background at school and is shocked to learn that she is being followed. Who? She cannot figure out who is following her and taking her picture. It is vital that Lauren find out who is following her because people are getting killed and she may be next.

This is a novel that any mystery fan, adult or middle grade will enjoy. It was impossible to put down. The language is natural and the relationships believable. While there is some sexual activity mentioned it is brief and vague in description. I highly recommend this novel and look forward to more by this author.

Iris M. Kirkwood is a visual artist and writer who lives in Buffalo, NY.  Visit her site @ http://imkirkwood.webs.com/

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