"Glowing" by Sara Qureshi

Glowing Grass2

Lying spineless in the grass
Prickling blades keep me grounded
The buzzing sound of crickets linger
Mind in chaos, heart confounded
I watch the stars glow at will
Dead for centuries yet shining still
Mirror images of the years gone by
Anomalies floating in the sky
And among the wonders the dark holds true
Past stars that are dying, I still think about you
Find true the fact that we only just met
But by fate, no less, no lovers' roulette
Fear not that eventually as they die out
They'll blink and darken, but haven't a doubt
That they'll serve their purpose, an ode to the past
A cosmic rule that lovers will find each other at last
So darling, this night, as I think about you
I'm glowing, just knowing, that you think of me too...
Sara Quershi

Sara Qureshi is a high school Art teacher in Western New York. While she primarily dabbles in visual arts, she also finds joy in exploring the art of the written language; poetry. She has aspirations of becoming a published writer, both in poems and novel form. Above all, her greatest wish for her daughter and students is to inspire them to find beauty in everything.

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