What are you waiting for? by Jesse Duckworth

now or later2At one time in your life you were so excited about your future dreams to be a doctor, lawyer,teacher, etc. Now the only dreams you have are the ones before waking up in the morning. What happened that caused you to put your dreams on the shelf and settle for less or nothing at all? Was there a significant event or did someone say something to discourage you? There are many other things that I’m sure could have happened but I’m here to encourage you to not give up or even wait for someone or something to cause you to pursue your dreams. After reading this I believe that the greater one inside of you will wake up and your goals and dreams will become a reality.

I know how it feels to get excited about a particular goal. For about three weeks to a month we tell people about our plans and are very thrilled about reaching our goals. Then after seeing little or no progress at all, we fall into a deep depression and feel like giving up. Once we stop pursuing our dreams, it gets very hard to arise from our slumber and work at reaching our goals again. I want to give you a few things to put into perspective that hopefully will let you see the full spectrum of the “cause and effects” of why things happen and what you can do to pursue, overtake, and recover all that belongs to you.

First of all, remember the moment you get an idea or vision, it should seriously be thought out thoroughly before spending a lot of money or committing to your idea. It would also be a great idea to seek counsel or in other words another opinion. The bible even clearly states in Proverbs 15:22 “Without counsel plans fail but with many advisors they succeed”. Many people have failed businesses because they have never received counsel and started something at a whim to be frank, which ultimately resulted in a bad idea and it failed. This doesn’t mean that your dream is not a good one, it may need some adjustments. Even if your first idea failed don’t give up, talk to someone in the field of the dream you are pursuing, make adjustments, and keep moving!

Another mistake we sometimes make is telling everyone our dreams. In the bible Joseph told his brothers about a dream he had and when it was all said and done he was sold into slavery. If you feel that you must tell someone about your plans remember that he or she won’t be as excited as you are. And when you don’t get cheers from anyone just remember that in our human nature it can be hard sometimes to get excited about what we don’t see. On the other hand, people can be negative and try to put you down or even laugh about what you are trying to do. But you must keep your “faith glasses” on and keep seeing that thing you are pursuing. Remember faith is not about what you see in the natural but in knowing what God has placed inside of you which is all you need!

Another thing people do is wait on something to happen to them. I believe this is the biggest problem that keeps people from becoming successful. If you do not move at all, I promise you that nothing will happen. I also promise you that no one is going to drop money in your hand and tell you “here’s the money you need to start your business”. It takes a lot of hard work, people telling you “no” and several other things before you are successful. Our society is into quick solutions and every other thing happening right away. This is the reason why people give up easily when they hit a wall. I am telling you now that if you hit a wall please do not throw in the towel! And if you have already stopped pursuing your dreams, get back up! You are young now but the clock is still ticking and you do not want to be that person that is older regretting the time wasted.

For those of you in high school or college do not let time pass you by. There is so much ahead and if you never really set any goals then now is the time to start doing some serious self-evaluating. Think about what you do not like but love to do or other talents you have. Remember there is something you can do that no one can do like you. Get on the internet and research different careers and see how they match up with your personality and talents. This is crucial for those in high school. Do not become that student that waits until after graduation to think about what you want to do in the future. I have seen it over and over again as a school administrator. Students do not take advantage of their counselors and college resource rooms if you have one, and time goes by and no plans are made.

Finally, I want to say that no matter what happens in life concerning your goals, just make sure that you put God first because even though you may pursue things and work hard, nothing will succeed without His help. The bible says in Proverbs 16:9 “The heart of a man plans his way but the Lord establishes his steps”. This is Jesse Duckworth of Kingdom Flava and I’m out!

Jesse Duckworth is an educator and musician from Toledo, OH. 

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