"So I stole an iPad" by J. Newry

I was on a flight from Boston to Durham thinking everything was fine. Little did I know that back at my house there was a man disconnecting the power to my apartment (lol apparently my payment got kicked back or something). So, as I walked into my apartment I flicked the light switch and *nothing*. I called the electric company and they notified me of the problem. I fixed the payment and then was advised that it would take up to 6 hours for my power to come back on -_-.

So I made my way to my local Starbucks to utilize their internet and power :). I ordered a slice of lemon pound cake and a bottle of water and went to choose my seat. The first seat I walked to had too much sun, and the seat I actually really wanted was occupied. I took a long sigh and proceeded to sit in the nearest bar chair to my right. I took my back pack off and placed it on the floor. Then i saw it. A black incase bag.

ipadI said to myself, "wow that sucks someone left their bag". Then, curiosity hit me. I looked around (crazy suspicious like lol) and peeked in the bag. That's when I saw it. A iPad. A shiny 32 gig 3G + Wifi iPad. (sigh). Naturally, I looked around and there was NO ONE to be found. Even the people at the counter seemed to move out of view.

I looked at the time and that's when temptation came in. I said in my head "dang… if the owner of this iPad isn't back by 6pm, I'm out with this iPad." (I was about half kidding when I said that.) 5:30pm rolled around and I said it again "If the owner of this iPad isn't back by 6pm I'm OUT with it." (I was about 25 percent kidding at this point.) 6pm came. I said, "ehhhh I'ma wait until 6:01pm"

6:01pm came.

I looked around, still no one to be found. I had literally convinced myself that if I didn't take it then someone else would, that God was blessing me -_-, that I have been really good for a while now and this wouldn't be SO bad if I did it, and I need something like this in my life.

So, I took it. (Gasp)

(I know, I know… don't act like y'all ain't NEVER did something outta line… lol keep reading)

I got it home and looked in the bag and discovered TONS of accessories, and a REALLY nice case. I had hit the JACKPOT! I also found a plane ticket with the owner's full name on it. I took this ticket and threw it away very quickly lol so I wouldn't be tempted to give it back. (HEY… stop judging me! LOL)

Over the next couple days I restored the iPad, added my own apps to it, customized it and made it mine. It was amazing! I repented for stealing and thought everything was ok.


I called my sister and told her about the situation and she didn't say much but told me that it was wrong and maybe I should revisit the situation in my mind and see if keeping it was something I really wanted to do. Obviously I was being guided by my flesh and responded with "eh, I'm good"

I called my best friend and accountability partner and he was pretty upset with me. He wasn't trying to hear that I didn't want to return it to it's owner and provided some great insight to why I should return it. Naturally, (still being guided by my flesh) I made up every excuse in the book and tried to justify my reasoning to have and keep the iPad.

By this time I was pretty mad because I WANTED TO KEEP THE IPAD. (duh lol) I again sought the advice of my sister. She advised me that keeping the iPad with out trying to give it back to it's rightful owner (which I knew her full name) is wrong. It's like staying in the sin that I committed every time I used it. She used the example of me sleeping with a female, asking for forgiveness and then doing it again and again and not trying to change my ways.

Forgiveness from sin isn't supposed to grant you a free pass to continue to do the wrong thing. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:31 that we need to die to ourselves daily. That means temptation is going to surround us and we need to push past our flesh and do the RIGHT thing EVERY SINGLE TIME.

At first I was concerned that I didn't really want to do the "right" thing but after I prayed and asked God to guide me to do what HE wanted, I came to the conclusion that I MUST return it. and I immediately repented for my sins and looked at myself in the situation totally different. I began to see the wrong in what I did and was doing and felt convicted.

So I went in my garbage (which I had just thrown my Chinese food out and was leaking all over the bag… -_- sigh) and found the old plane ticket that I had previously thrown away with the owner's name. Needless to say, I am returning it to it's rightful owner. Hopefully YOU can learn from my experience and just avoid sin like the plague. It's much easier that way. #Lifelessons

J.New... :( Sorry God...

J. Newry is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angles. 

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