Do you really know whose you are? by Jesse Duckworth

If you were to look at old school pictures of yourself, you would probably laugh at the clothes you wore and maybe even the hair styles you used to have. Remember when jerry curls and high-top fades were in style? What a mess! I say this to show you that through life we change not only in the way that we look but in the way we think, our belief system, and many other things that make us who we are. If you think about it, many of these changes in our lives are based on influences from our family, friends, and unfortunately the media. Television has a very strong influence on everyone put especially young people because they are so impressionable. When you see a young man claiming to be apart of a gang when they grew up in a conservative Christian home says to me a child has an identity problem. Many young men and women get bombarded by so many societal influences that they’re ignorant of who should be THE influence, source, and foundation of their lives.  Young men need to know who God is, and what the word has to say about who they are in Him. This article is about knowing all the many benefits young men can experience that comes with understanding WHO’s they are in Christ.

Let’s talk about the benefits from knowing Christ lives in us. Since none of us are perfect it’s imperative to know that we have a greater one inside that help us overcome obstacles and various other problems life can bring. Someone that doesn’t know Christ will face the many issues that life can bring and react to them in a way that’s not rational. Studies even show that suicide is one of the top three reasons for death amongst teens. Of course no matter if you’re a Christian or not problems will come but knowing God gives you the state of mind to have hope when there is no hope and just know that when problems arise there is a way out.

Another advantage of knowing Christ is that our lifestyle begins to change. When we look at the news and see the many stories of young men stealing, disrespecting adults, beating, and even killing each other, it’s obvious that they don’t know Christ. Without knowing God, you have no standard to live by so why not live anyway that you want to. These kind people have no one to answer too. On the other hand a believer has the instruction manual for life (the bible) and someone to live for and a sense of purpose in life. Therefore you are a new person and the lifestyle that used to be detrimental to your life is no more.

Along with having a purpose in life the believer has faith to believe God can do the impossible for their lives. For example if you know that part of God’s purpose for your live is being a lawyer no road blocks will stop you from being a lawyer. What I’m saying is that the non-believer not only lacks the faith to believe for something but may struggle to find their purpose in life. The believer can cut out on the seasons of confusion and follow the leading of God to find their purpose in life. I can’t tell you how many people I knew in college that didn’t serve God and were always in the midst of confusion and other mishaps that caused them to struggle financially, emotionally, and even physically. Don’t let this be something that’s apart of your life. Seek Him today and through time you will see that change will come. The bible clearly states that any man in Christ is a new creature, old things are passed away and ALL THINGS WILL BE NEW. I know that I can speak on the behalf of many guys and say that a lot of time is wasted when we don’t know who we are in Christ. Only He will give you the assurance, peace, and joy we need to make it in the days we’re living in.

whose you are

 Jesse Duckworth is a singer, songwriter, and educator from Toledo, OH.  Follow him on Facebook/Andy-Jesse Duckworth.

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